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m.e. First initiative

Started by team 1868 Space cookies an all girls team in california. M.E. First is an initiative to provide free menstrual products to thoes who need them. M.E. stands for Menstrual Equity which refurs to the affordability, accessibility, and safety of menstrual products and is about makeing sure that people have the means, support, and choices to take care of their menstrual health.

Bedford Express is proud to be apart of this initiative. We have pledged to provide free menstrual products at the competitions we attend this season.

More about m.e. First

Menstrual equity is an important issue as 80% of restrooms do not stock menstrual products or have empty or broken coin-operated dispensers. No one should ever face anxiety, stigma, health issues, or exclusion related to their menstrual cycle. A lack of menstrual products is not just inconvenient. It can also be very dangerous. Menstruating people may substitute products or simply not change their products, a major risk factor for reproductive tract infections and Toxic Shock Syndrome, which can be fatal.

Affordability is a major issue. One in five US teens live in poverty and can struggle to afford period products. More than 80% of US students have either missed class or know someone who has because they lacked access to period products. Students who cannot afford menstrual products may miss school or be less productive or engaged in the classroom. Missing just a few days of school can lead to significant performance gaps.

The m.e. FIRST initiative is the continuation of an award-winning Menstrual Equity project started by the Space Cookies Team 1868 as part of the 2021 FIRSTĀ® Innovation Challenge. Their idea was sparked by their members' experiences at FIRST and sporting events, and their research showed that it is a much larger issue .

To have a fully equitable and participatory society, menstrual products must be safe and affordable to all who need them. This is the driving philosophy behind m.e. FIRST.

Bedford Express are proud ambassadors of the m.e. First Initiative

m.e. First initiative